Convertizoare de frecvență Eura Drives E600 0.2 kW – 5,5 kW



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  • Описание

    ModelMotor Power (kW)Rated Current Output (A)Structure CodeWeight (kg)Cooling Mode
    E600-0002S2Q1U1F2AG03B1R30,2 kW1,5Q10,45Self-Cooling
    E600-0004S2Q1U1F2AG03B1R30,4 kW2,5Q10,45Self-Cooling
    E600-0007S2Q1U1F2AG03B1R30,75 kW4,5Q10,48Air-Cooling
    E600-0015S2Q1U1F2AG03B1R31,5 kW7.0Q10,49Air-Cooling
    E600-0002S2U1F2AG03B1R3U80,2 kW1,5Q20,56Self-Cooling
    E600-0004S2U1F2AG03B1R3U80,4 kW2,5Q20,56Self-Cooling
    E600-0007S2U1F2AG03B1R3U80.75 kW4,5Q20,6Air-Cooling
    E600-0015S2U1F2AG03B1R3U81,5 kW7Q20,65Air-Cooling
    E600-0022S2U1F2AG03B1R3U82,2 kW10.0Q20,75Air-Cooling
    E600-0002T3Q1U1F2AG03B1R30,2 kW0,6Q10,75Self-Cooling
    E600-0004T3Q1U1F2AG03B1R30,4 kW1,2Q10,8Self-Cooling
    E600-0007T3Q1U1F2AG03B1R30,75 kW2Q10,82Air-Cooling
    E600-0015T3Q1U1F2AG03B1R31,5 kW4Q10,85Air-Cooling
    E600-0002T3U1F2AG03B1R3U80,2 kW0,6Q21Self-Cooling
    E600-0004T3U1F2AG03B1R3U80,4 kW1,2Q21Self-Cooling
    E600-0007T3U1F2AG03B1R3U80,75 kW2Q21,15Air-Cooling
    E600-0015T3U1F2AG03B1R3U81,5 kW4Q21,2Air-Cooling
    E600-0022T3U1F2AG03B1R3U82,2 kW6,5Q21,3Air-Cooling
    E600-0030T3U1F2AG03B1R3U83 kW7,6Q21,3Air-Cooling
    E600-0040T3U1F2AG03B1R3U84 kW9Q21,45Air-Cooling
    E600-0055T3U1F2AG03B1R3U85,5 kW12Q21,45Air-Cooling


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  • Power supply
    Rated voltage3-phase 380…460V +/- 15% - 1-phase 200…240V +/- 15%
    Input frequency44….67 Hz
    EMC filterIntegrated for 2. environment
    Output voltage0………V-input
    Output frequency0.5………650 Hz
    Overload capability150% - 60 sec. / 10 Min
    Resolution of output frequency0,01 Hz
    PWM control-modesV/Hz - Mode
    PWM frequency0,8 6 kHz
    Starting torque100% rated torque at 1 Hz
    Brake chopperIntegrated chopper transistor
    V/Hz characteristicLinear, quadratic, and user-programmable curve
    Freq. threshold, duration and intensity programmable – DC injection
    Display7 Segment LED display -4- digit
    For programming and visualization of different operating parameters
    I/O Channels, control functions
    Inverter control - Start/StopTo configure: terminals / operation panel / serial link
    Digital control inputs4 digital inputs (HIGH/LOW configurable)
    Speed reference signal panel keys, serial link
    Potentiometer, analogue input (terminals 0...10V, (0)4...20 mA), operating
    Reference analogue channels1 Analogue channels 0…10V, (0)4 20 mA
    Analogue outputs
    1 analogue output channel programmable in gain, different functions to assign (0…10V)
    Digitale outputs1 digital output (OC, different functions to assign)
    Relays output
    1 switchover contact 3 A 230 V (programmable for different functions)
    InterfaceSerial link (MODBUS – ASCI/RTU)