Convertizoare de frecvență Eura Drives E800 0.4 kW – 7,5 kW



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  • Описание

    ModelRated currentFramesize“Dimensions (WxHxD-mm)”“Brake resistor min. value”
    E800-0002 T30,2 kW – 0.6 AE180x138x135200 Ohm/100W
    E800-0004 T30,4 kW – 1.2 AE180x138x135200 Ohm/100W
    E800-0007-T30,75 kW – 2 AE2106x180x150150 Ohm/100W
    E800-0015-T31,5 kW – 4 AE2106x180x150100 Ohm/100W
    E800-0022-T32,2 kW – 6,5 AE2106x180x150100 Ohm/100W
    E800-0030-T33,0 kW – 8 AE2106x180x15080 Ohm/300W
    E800-0040-T34,0 kW – 9 AE4138x235x15280 Ohm/300W
    E800-0055-T35,5 kW – 12 AE4138x235x15280 Ohm/300W
    E800-0075-T37,5 kW – 17 AE5156x265x17080 Ohm/600W
    E800-0110-T311 kW – 23 AE5156x265x17050 Ohm/600W
    E800-0150-T315 kW – 32 AE6205x340x19630 Ohm/1.0kW
    E800-0185-T318,5 kW – 38 AE6205x340x19630 Ohm/1.0kW
    E800-0220-T322 kW – 44 AE6205x340x19620 Ohm/1.5kW
    E800-0300-T330 kW – 60 AC3270x435x23520 Ohm/1.5kW
    E800-0370-T337 kW – 75 AC3270x435x23520 Ohm/1.5kW
    E800-0450-T345 kW – 90 AC4315×480×23515 Ohm/2.0kW
    E800-0550-T355 kW – 110 AC5360x555x26515 Ohm/2.0kW
    E800-0750-T375 kW – 150 AC5360x555x26510 Ohm/3.0kW
    E800-0900-T390 kW – 180 AC6410x630x3008 Ohm/10.0kW
    E800-1100-T3110 kW – 220 AC6410x630x300Optional brake-unit

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  • Power input
    Supply voltage-Phase 220V~240V (+/-15%) 3-Phase 380V-460 (+/-15%)
    Input frequency44….67 Hz
    EMC ?lterIntegrated for second environment (industrial area) - option for ?rst environment (residential area)
    Motor output
    Output voltage0………V-input
    Output frequency0.5………650 Hz
    Overload capability120% - 60 sec / 15 min
    V/HzLinear, Variable torque curve, user programmable curve
    PWM frequency800…10000Hz (FIXED / RANDOM)
    LED 7-segment displayProgrammable, to display various inverter and working parameters
    Control hardware (I/O)
    Digital inputs6(8) dig. inputs (PNP/NPN)
    Analogue inputs2 x 12 BIT analogue inputs 0…10V, 0(4).....20 mA)
    Analogue outputs2 analogue output, to assign to various functions (0…10V, 0..20 mA)
    Digital outputs2 digital outputs (free assignement to different functions)
    Relais1 switchover contact 5 A 230 V (programmable function)
    MODBUSInverter control, reading and setting of all inverter I/O channels
    Aux. power supplyAuxiliary power supply: 24V / 50 mA – on terminals 10V potentiometer power supply
    Protection functions with Foult memory
    Electrical protectionsOvervoltage, undervoltage Overcurrent, overload, motor overload, short circuit
    Thermal protectionsInverter overtemperature, motor-overload I2xt
    Optionals and accessories
    Display / keypadRemote display / keypad unit
    BrakeBrake resistors for all kind of applications
    PC-Link SoftwareSmart tool for parameter setting, control an diagnosis
    FieldbusGateway modules for all commonly used bus technologies
    Parameter copy stickSmart tool for parameter storage and duplication
    Environmental and operating conditions
    Protection degreeIP20 / IP21 (option)
    Operating temperature-10……+40 °C
    HumidityMax. 90 % non condensing, non corrosive
    Altitude1000 m, above derating of 1% / 100m